100% Recycled – 100% Tough

Engineered panels made from 100% recycled plastics

Weatherproof, washablePlasti-Core_Plastic_Plywood_Pallet

Indoor/ Outdoor use

Corrosion Resistant

Impact resistant

Pest Proof

Added rigidity

Cut Edges do not need to be resealed

Same strength as plywood

Technical Specifications


3/4″ x 4′ x 8′ Sheets

Flexural Modulous (ISO 178): 3328 MPa

Breaking Failure (Bending): 814 N

Screw Withdrawl (No. 8): 2008 N

Polystyrene/ LDPE Blend

Chemical Resistent

Plastic Plywood is 100% waterproof!


Our plastic plywood can be used any where plywood or OSB is used.

Will never rot, swell, corrode, rust or degrade

Contact Information

Please contact us with any inquiries of this recycled plastic plywood



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